Fleet Management Maintenance Service and Analysis System
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Fleet Management Maintenance Service and Analysis System

Thanks to the Fleet Management and Analysis System, you can manage all the vehicles in your fleet and get the analysis results in line with the entered data. Thanks to this system, the system automatically monitors your vehicles' maintenance times, inspection times, tire change times, and insurance renewal times, and warns the user when the time comes, thanks to the early warning system.

You can manage your fleet more effectively and create reports of historical expenses. Thanks to the reports received, you can examine the expense items in more detail and reduce the costs to minimum levels. Thus, significant reductions in vehicle expenses are provided in your fleet management. You can manage your fleets more effectively and flawlessly.

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What is Fleet Vehicle Tracking System

A fleet vehicle tracking system (FVTS) is a software solution for monitoring, managing and optimizing an enterprise's vehicle fleet. FVTS collects the data of the vehicles of the enterprises and shares this data among the different departments of the

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