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We value human life and with our solutions we help drivers get to their destination safely every day. Bringing the ability to track your vehicles from anywhere in the world from your PC or phone, Pergo Tracking Systems offers the best and most comprehensive vehicle tracking solutions in the industry. For a commercial fleet, bus and coach operator or a transport logistics company, vehicle tracking provides you with advantages for fuel economy and safety on the road.
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Our company, which has adopted the principle of producing with completely domestic and national means in the field of tracking devices, produces devices in areas such as vehicle tracking and fleet management systems, human tracking, object and animal tracking. Pergo Tracking Systems, where you can track your devices online from anywhere in the world, offers the best and most comprehensive tracking solutions in the industry with our expert team.

Our company, which provides services with its expert team in Tracking Systems Technology, always adopts innovative approaches to provide our customers with the most advanced technological solutions. Thanks to the tracking devices we have designed and produced in order to understand the needs of our customers and to offer them special solutions, we provide a more efficient and safe service to our customers by tracking vehicle fleets, people, objects and animals.

Our tracking system software provides real-time tracking of tracked devices and instantaneous detailed information about the status of the devices. In this way, our customers can generate smart and logical reports by simulating the location of their devices over historical data.
In addition, with the fleet management module for vehicle fleets, maintenance, service, insurance, tax, penalty, tire change etc. Such reminders are also provided by our system.

What is Vehicle Tracking System and How It Works

Vehicle tracking system is a technology used to monitor a vehicle's position, speed, route and other performance characteristics.

Vehicle Tracking System and Security: Why It Matters

Vehicle Tracking System, which is used to monitor, manage and optimize vehicle fleets of enterprises, ensures safe use of vehicles.

What is Fleet Vehicle Tracking System

A fleet vehicle tracking system is a software solution for monitoring, managing and optimizing an enterprise's vehicle fleet.

Vehicle Tracking System Advantages and Disadvantages

A vehicle tracking system is a software solution for monitoring, managing and optimizing an enterprise's vehicle fleet.

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