Technical Service Request

As a manufacturer of Tracking Devices and Fleet Management software, we are looking for certain qualifications in companies that will be our Technical Service.

1. Technical Knowledge: Our technical services should have in-depth knowledge of our company's products and services. In addition, extensive technical knowledge of vehicle tracking system software and hardware is required. It should be able to accurately identify the problems of our customers and offer the right solutions.

2. Customer Orientation: Our technical services always prioritize customer satisfaction. They work to provide fast, practical and effective solutions to solve our customers' problems as soon as possible.

3. Problem Solving Skills: Our technical services must have the ability to accurately identify customers' problems and offer practical and effective solutions. Therefore, it is important to have strong problem-solving skills.

4. Being Interested in Technological Innovations: As a company specialized in tracking systems, we follow technological innovations. Our technical services should also be interested in technological innovations and further develop our business by presenting these innovations to customers.

Companies that have these qualifications can be the technical service of our company. If you think you have these qualifications, we welcome your applications.

Application Form

Hemen Ara