Mobile Tracker
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With its fully mobile use, you can track objects, animals, people, or you can get a completely special design by placing it on a desired product.It provides convenience in your life with its long battery life and ultra-light structure.

What's In The Package?

•   Mobile Tracker and Charger Adapter
•   Web-based monitoring software
•   Mobile application
•   Support and call center service
•   Server and Subscription service during the warranty period

Mobile Tracker Features

• With its ultra-light design, only 55gr
• Special design with the dimensions of 48 x 34 x 16 mm
•   Mobile tracking with a long-lasting battery
•   Customized battery and operating time
•   Custom design and work upon request
•   High precision positioning
•   Working in accordance with climatic conditions
•   Waterproof, Dustproof
•   Shock and vibration resistant
•   Detecting external interventions
•   Fireproof box
•   Personalized design by placing it in the desired product
•   With web-based tracking and mobile application, you can monitor from anywhere with internet.

PERGO Web Software

You can start tracking your vehicles online and instantly by logging in with your authorized user name and password by entering on the internet, regardless of browser and operating system.

PERGO Smartphone / Tablet Applications

Thanks to the applications specially designed and developed for mobile phones and tablets, you can start tracking your vehicles online and instantly. You can draw routes to your vehicles on the map and receive alarm and violation reports.

Server and Subscription Service

From the moment you own PERGO devices, you do not pay any fees for server service, software, hardware and Map updates during the warranty period (24 Months).

Support and Call Center Service

From the moment you own PERGO devices, you can get 24/7 support during the warranty period, and you can find instant solutions to all your problems.

Installation and Service

From the moment you own PERGO devices, you can benefit from our assembly-disassembly and service services with our expert technical staff, thanks to our wide service network within the borders of Turkey.

Hemen Ara