Sectoral Solutions
Thanks to the sectoral solutions offered by Pergo Vehicle Tracking Systems, you can benefit from the opportunities that will increase the reliability and performance of your vehicles.

Wagon-Container Tracking and Control System

Wagon / Container Tracking and Control System is a sectoral solution developed to ensure the tracking and safety of intercity and international transportation vehicles.

Fleet Management Maintenance Service and Analysis System

Thanks to the Fleet Management and Analysis System, you can manage all the vehicles in your fleet and get the analysis results in line with the entered data.

Call Center and Emergency Tracking System

Thanks to the Call Center and the Emergency Tracking System, these are the systems that allow the call center to be contacted automatically as a result of the drivers pressing the button against possible dangers, thanks to the emergency button attach

Route Regional Route Planning and Control System

Route - Region - Route Planning and Control System, service transportation and public transportation vehicles' route and route planning, entry and exit times to stops, arrival to the next stop information are calculated and managed by this system.

Staff Service Vehicles Tracking and Planning System

Thanks to the Personnel Service Vehicles Tracking and Planning System, it is possible to report which personnel got on which vehicle from which stop and when and where they got off.

Student Service Vehicles Tracking and Parent Information System

Student Service Vehicles Tracking and Parent Information System has been developed for companies that carry students to transport students more effectively and safely, and to inform parents with a smart warning system.

Expedition-Stop Tracking and Statistics System

The Expedition / Stop / Tracking and Statistics System is a system in which the places where the vehicles will fill and load, the number of trips made between these stops and the arrival times of the voyages can be reported.

Temperature Humidity Monitoring and Control System

Thanks to the system, it can learn the temperature status of the section where its vehicles carry loads, and can immediately intervene in the instantaneous problems.

Fuel Intake Tracking and Control System

The Fuel Purchase Tracking and Control System is integrated with Opet and PO, and has been developed so that companies with vehicle identification systems in their vehicle fleets can automatically monitor and report their fuel purchases through this

Load Damper Tracking and Control System

Load / Tipper Tracking and Control System has been developed to monitor whether there is a load in the vehicles of companies that transport cargo with tipper vehicles.

Excavation Waste Tracking and Control System

The purpose of the Excavation / Waste Tracking and Control System has been developed to prevent the illegal loading and unloading of vehicles of companies engaged in excavation and waste transportation.

Taximeter Gain Tracking and Control System

The Taximeter Earnings Tracking and Control System has been developed to allow taxi owners who employ drivers in their own taxis to monitor their daily earnings. The biggest problem in taxis is that the driver's earnings are said less and gain unfair

In-Vehicle Camera Systems

In-vehicle camera systems are an extremely important tool for vehicle tracking and security. These systems help to deal with situations such as security breaches and malfunctions by recording the events taking place inside the vehicles.

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel tracking is a very important issue for the vehicle tracking system. Fuel tracking is a system that helps managers track how much fuel their vehicles consume, how much their fuel costs are, and which vehicles are more economical.

Security System

Vehicle tracking system is not limited to tracking the location of vehicles. Vehicle tracking systems, which play a very important role in terms of security, offer many security features to vehicle owners.

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