How Pergo Works?
It receives location information from GPS satellites. After certain calculations, it sends it to the monitoring center via GPRS Connection. The system processes the incoming coordinate information into the database and delivers it to the tracking software.
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Vehicle tracking system is a technology used to monitor a vehicle's position, speed, route and other performance characteristics. These systems are a combination of GPS devices, sensors and communication equipment usually found in a vehicle. It is used for vehicle tracking in various sectors.

The vehicle tracking system can determine the location of the vehicle in real time thanks to the GPS device in the vehicle. The GPS data is received by the vehicle tracking software and then uploaded to the server. In this way, vehicle tracking software can determine where a vehicle is and how fast it is traveling.

However, the vehicle tracking system not only monitors the location of the vehicle, but also monitors the vehicle's performance. For example, the vehicle tracking system can track the driver's fuel consumption, engine efficiency and vehicle maintenance. In this way, businesses can save money by increasing the efficiency of vehicles. By producing warnings and notifications when necessary, it allows to inform the vehicle user, the company or the third parties related to the subject of the warning.

The vehicle tracking system usually provides the data via a web-based interface. This interface shows users the location, route, speed and other performance characteristics of vehicles. In addition, the interface provides reporting features, allowing businesses to analyze the performance of vehicles.

Alarm Generated Conditions

Vehicle moving with the ignition off (Towing)

Emergency Alarm

Axis Change Notification

Disconnecting External Power and Reconnecting

Internal battery falling below critical level in mobile usage

Unauthorized Driving

IO Controls

Vehicle Mileage Link

Temperature and Humidity Detection Sensor

Fuel Level Control

Communication with External RF Devices

External Hardware Connection

Stopping the Vehicle

Magnetic Sensor State Change

CanBus Support Fuel Consumption, Km. Tracking, Engine RPM information, etc.

Violations and Warnings

Informing parents via SMS on reaching the station locations

Separate speed limit control for determined coordinates/ Customer visit tracking

Reaching the specified geographical coordinates

Service Route tracking and service transportation

Mission Zone Control

Route Control

Working Hour Control

Sudden Acceleration and Deceleration

Waiting for more than a certain time with the ignition on(Idle)
Stop for more than a certain time with the ignition off

Driving above the specified speed limit
Producing an alarm according to the speed limit of the road on which the vehicle is moving
Exceeding the specified speed in certain locations

Reports and Charts

Last positions of vehicles

Geographical Distribution Reports

Statistics Reports
Distance, Idle, GPRS, Operation

Station Reports
Station (Station Time Report), Station List

Station Reports
Station (Station Time Report), Station List

Violation and Alarm Reports
Violation Alarm, Driver Alarm Sums, Terminal Alarm Sums

Documents Reports

Other Reports
Stopping, Time, Driver, Expedition, Archive, Route, Usage, Command, Unable to send location for a long time

Terminal Graphics
Fuel, Temperature, Mileage, Speed, Alarm/Violation, Distance, GPRS, Operation, Idle

General System Graphics
Device Distribution, Online/Offline Totals, Violation Operation / Distance / GPRS Totals, Instant Speed / Temperature / Fuel

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