Wagon-Container Tracking and Control System
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Wagon-Container Tracking and Control System

Wagon / Container Tracking and Control System is a sectoral solution developed to ensure the tracking and safety of intercity and international transportation vehicles. This system provides effective management of transport operations and instant monitoring of vehicle locations. It also becomes an important tool to monitor the status of wagons and containers, ensuring safety and optimizing logistics operations.

Wagon / Container Tracking and Control System provides many benefits in the intercity and international transportation sector. Here are the key features and benefits of this solution:

Vehicle Tracking and Positioning: The system determines and tracks the instantaneous locations of wagons and containers. In this way, full control of transport operations is ensured and the whereabouts of vehicles are constantly known. In addition, the system also tracks the routes of vehicles so that transport processes can be managed more effectively.

Security and Anti-Theft: Wagon / Container Tracking and Control System plays an important role in ensuring the safety of vehicles. The system can detect theft or intrusion attempts and work in integration with alarm systems to send instant notifications. In this way, theft and loss are prevented and transportation operations are secured.

Efficient Logistics Management: The system provides more efficient management of logistics operations by collecting usage data of wagons and containers. It can monitor the performance of vehicles, control fuel consumption and plan maintenance processes. This optimizes transport processes, reduces costs and increases productivity.

Monitoring Workflow: Wagon / Container Tracking and Control System makes it easier to follow the workflow by following the steps of the transportation processes. The system provides information at every step of the process by recording the loading, unloading, transit and delivery stages of the vehicles. This makes the migration process more transparent and manageable

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