Dealership Request

As a manufacturer of Tracking Devices and Fleet Management software, we are looking for certain qualifications in companies that will become our dealers.

1. Sectoral Experience: A certain knowledge and experience is sought in our dealers, having a command of the Vehicle Tracking and Security sector. Because it is necessary to understand the needs of the customers correctly and to offer them the right solutions.

2. Customer Orientation: Our dealers always prioritize customer satisfaction and pinpoint their customers. Because they can easily predict which customers need which solutions.

3. Teamwork: In addition to communicating with customers, our dealers also work in collaboration with other departments of our company. For this reason, we are looking for companies that are prone to teamwork, can cooperate and have strong communication skills.

4. Sales Skill: Our dealers are responsible for explaining and selling our company's products and services to customers. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge of sales skill, marketing skills and sales techniques.

Companies that have these qualifications can become dealers of our company. If you think you have these qualifications, we welcome your applications.

Application Form

Hemen Ara