What is Pergo?
Pergo is security software and hardware developed in Turkey and by Turkish engineers with special abilities to determine where everything (Vehicle, Human, Property, Animal) is located in the world, to realize the communication between the attached object and the monitoring center, and to ensure vehicle and person safety. .
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What does PERGO Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System do?

Instant learning and reporting of the location of the object you are tracking
It is possible to instantly monitor the tracked object on the map, to learn and report if there is any alarm / violation.

Improving business performance and reducing the costs of doing business
Thanks to the device installed, the personnel know that they are being followed, so they use their work more effectively and efficiently, and get to their destination on time. There is no fuel consumption as there is no going out of the route for private business.

Vehicle safety and prevention of vehicle usage abuse
The safety of vehicles is ensured thanks to the features such as remote stopping of the vehicle against theft and not being able to be started by others, thanks to the apparatus attached to the vehicles. In addition, the user is instantly informed in case the vehicle is towed or shaken by the tow truck while the ignition is off. Vehicle usage abuses such as speed, idling, sudden braking, sudden departure and hard cornering are also reported to authorized persons instantly, thanks to the attached device.

Fleet Management and Reporting
Management and reporting of all vehicles belonging to your fleet is done over the web. Task orders, Fixture records, Vehicle Allocation, Accident, Fine, Maintenance, Motor Insurance, Insurance, Tire Change etc. features of the vehicles in your fleet can be followed. Also System; Maintenance, Tire Change, Inspection and Insurance informs the user of the upcoming vehicles before the deadline. In this way, the system can follow itself without the need to follow the maintenance and inspection processes of the vehicles in your fleet. You can follow and manage your fleet by adding all these features to the system without a vehicle tracking device.

Ensuring personal safety
It is ensured that the driver complies with the traffic rules by preventing speeding. An alarm is sent in case of an accident or emergency. Thus, by ensuring personal safety, the risk of accidents is reduced, traffic fines are reduced, and in case of emergency, immediate intervention is made.

Sending Location by Time
In order for the vehicle to be tracked on the map, it is provided to send the location to the center within the given time. This time can be determined by the user, and the desired value can be entered starting from 2 seconds. The device only sends the location in the entered time and the vehicle is tracked online on the map in line with the given time.

Sending Location by Distance
It is possible to send location according to the distance traveled by the vehicle, not according to time. This distance can be determined by the user, and the desired value can be entered starting from 5m. The device only sends the location at the entered distance and the vehicle is tracked online on the map in line with the entered distance.

Sending Position by Angle
In addition to the vehicle's ability to send location according to time and distance, it is also possible to send location on the side roads and turns where the vehicle travels. The angle of sending the location can be determined by the user, and when the angle entered occurs, the location is sent and the vehicle is tracked online on the map in line with the angle entered.

PERGO Vehicle Tracking System Features

Compressed Encrypted Location Information Transfer
The device sends each location of the vehicle to the center within the framework of the given values. This each location delivery consists of 1 package and each package creates a cost on the operator side. Thanks to this feature of the device, the device accumulates on its locations and when there are 10, it is sent to the center. In this way, while there is no loss of position, the costs on the operator's side are reduced.

Central Connection Control Feature when the device is off in a long period of inactivity
The device can be provided to inform the center about the status of the vehicle even when the vehicle's ignition is turned off. In this way, even if the vehicle's ignition is off for a long time, the device wakes up within the specified time and reports its status to the center.

Minimizing energy consumption in case the vehicle does not operate for a long time
In case the vehicle does not operate for a long time, the device switches itself to the saving mode in order not to consume much energy. This period is 72 hours by default and can be adjusted by the user.

Assist GPS support
The device has A-Gps support. In this way, location determination can be faster with the established A-Gps server.

Internal GSM and GPS Antenna
There are internal GSM and GPS antennas on the device. In this way, there is no need to deal with additional antenna cables and installation, and the device can be mounted in smaller areas.

Optional Internal Microphone and Speaker
Optional internal microphone and speaker can be connected on the device. In this way, it is possible to talk to the driver in the vehicle, to give instructions or to inform the task to go.

Internal Battery
Thanks to the internal battery on the device, the device continues to send location for 18 hours in cases such as the power cut of the device, the disconnection of the vehicle's battery. When the device is energized again, the battery is automatically charged thanks to the charging unit on the device. Thanks to the battery, the device can also be used mobile without mounting.

Internal Memory
Thanks to the internal memory on the device, in cases where the GSM base station does not receive information, the device stores 70,000 information such as location, speed, alarm, violation and starts sending it to the center as soon as the GSM base station receives it. In this way, it enables monitoring without loss of location, even in places where the device does not receive GSM.

Hemen Ara